White Matter Tracts

Before practicum on Friday, please complete the following:

White Matter Anatomy

During practicum on Friday:

Review of the assignment 1 (10 min)

Introduction to white matter pathways (20 min)

source: Neuroimage. 2021 Dec 15;245:118651.

source: Nature communications. 2022 Aug 22;13(1):1-3.

Virtual dissection (20 min)

Automatic Fiber Tracking (10 min)

Assignment: Download FIB file

  1. Download 100206.src.gz.gqi.1.7.fib.gz and 100206_T1w.nii.gz

  2. Open the FIB file using [Step T3 Fiber Tracking] and click on [Step T3d Tracts][Fiber Tracking] to generate whole brain tracts.

  1. Manually segment left arcuate fasciculus, cingulum, uncinate fasciculus, corticospinal tract from whole brain tracks. Compare it with automatic tracking results.

  2. Segment left arcuate fasciculus into the acoustic, visual, and lexical encoding part and assign different colors (reference: Giampiccolo D, Duffau H. Controversy over the temporal cortical terminations of the left arcuate fasciculus: a reappraisal. Brain. 2022 Feb 10.)


(Giampiccolo et al. 2022)

(Segmented on HCP1065 tractography atlas)