Correlational Tractography

Before practicum on Friday, please complete following:

Review Paper

Correlational tractography tutorial

During practicum on Friday:

Correlation tractography

Nonparametric tests

Hands-on: white matter tract correlated with BMI

  1. Download cmu60.db.fib.gz and cmu60.csv.
  2. Set permutation count to 500.
  3. uncheck [FDR control] and run analysis using different T threshold (2 and 3).
  4. check [FDR control] (< 0.05) and run analysis use different T threshold (2 and 3)to see how it affects results.

Hands-on: group stratified analysis

  1. Download cmu60.db.fib.gz and cmu60.csv.
  2. Repeat 1 on male group.
  3. Repeat 2 on female group.

Hands-on: post-hoc analysis

  1. Use tractography results from task 1 to extract QA values from the connectometry DB file.
  2. Plot scatter plot (BMI vs QA).