Brain Anatomy Basics & Region Drawing

Before practicum on Friday, please complete following:

Download DSI-Studio

During practicum on Friday:


Task 1: Neuroantomy test

Complete the neuroanatomy worksheet .

Task 2: Identify structure in DSI Studio

  1. Load 100206.src.gz.gqi.1.7.fib.gz onto DSI-Studio.

  2. Load 100206_T1w.nii.gz by clicking on “Insert Other Images” under Slices menu.

  3. According to the video of “quick 3D manual segmentation of a brain tumor”, draw an ROI of left thalamus.

  4. Open atlases, choose FreeSurferDKT subcortical atlas, and load left thalamus.

  5. Compare your thalamus ROI to that of FreeSurferDKT subcortical atlas.