Fiber Tractography Lab Practicum

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We regularly host DSI Studio training throughout the year. Future workshops will be announced in this page.

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Diffusion MRI has arisen as the only non-invasive way to map fiber bundles and assess their structural integrity in the human brain. Mapping fiber bundles of the human brain and understanding their architecture is one of the largest research efforts in modern neuroscience. The fiber trajectories in the human brain define the essential wiring diagram of all brain connections and inform the basis of all brain function and etiology of many dysfunctions.


Practicum publications

Ghulam‐Jelani Z, Barrios‐Martinez J, Eguiluz‐Melendez A, Gomez R, Anania Y, Yeh FC. Redundancy circuits of the commissural pathways in human and rhesus macaque brains. Human brain mapping. 2021 May;42(7):2250-61.